Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Friday, September 4, 2009


I am sure you would have downloaded many programs that promise to allow you to bypass Rapidshare limits but this is a program that is not fake but working 100%.
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Louis Fischer, the son of David and shifrah (Kantzapolsky) Fischer, was born on 29th Febrauary, 1896 in Philadelphia. He attended the Philadelphia School of Pedagogy from 1914 to 1916, then taught in the public schools for the next two years. Starting his career as a teacher, he switched over to journalism. In 1921, he became a contributor to the New York Post from Berlin. In 1922, The Nation sent him to Russia as its special European Correspondent. There he married Bertha Mark of Libau, Latvia. He was well-versed in English, Russian, German, French and understood Spanish.

He made frequent and long visits to Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia France and Italy. He met all popular leaders of many countries personally. He was a great humanists and tried to understand and make others understand alien cultures and races. During his first visit to India in 1942, he stayed with Gandhi for a week at his ashram in Sevagram. During his second trip to India on 25th June, 1946, he revisited Gandhi in his stone-hut in a slum and had many meetings with all Indian leaders in various cities. He had his last meeting with Gandhi on 18th July, 1946.

To be continued…….


Louis Fischer has written many books.
Oil Imperialism (1926),
The Soviet in the world affairs (1930),
Why Recognise Russia ? (1931),
Machines and Men in Russia (1932),
Soviet Journey (1935),
The War in Spain (1937),
Why Spain Fights on? (London, 1937),
and The Life of Mahatma Gandhi (1951)
are some of his popular works.

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Hi friends hope you all have a great day ahead!!!! Back again to share information about the endangered species in the world. Any guess about endangered species.

Species which are in danger of extinction are known as endangered species. If the threats are not looked in to the endangered species, at one stage they will become extinct or their population will decline. If this trend persists in an ecosystem, the balance between predator and prey in food chain is affected. In Asia, over harvesting of bull frogs which eats the mosquito, paved the way for the exuberant growth of mosquito population and caused malarial diseases.

Out of 350 species of mammals, 116 are greatly endangered. There are about 2100 species and sub species of birds are also endangered. Among the reptiles one species of tortoise, 5 species of monitor lizard and three species of crocodiles and turtles are coming under this endangered category. Hope this information is really useful to all. To be continued. with regards.